Our electricians in Perth can handle all your emergency electrical work.

24 / 7 Emergency Electrician – Perth

An electrical problem at your business isn’t just inconvenient. It can lead to a loss of revenue and can even endanger your employees and customers.

At Holdens Electrical Contracting, we know that electrical problems need to be addressed and repaired straight away. That’s why our emergency electrician in Perth offers 24/7 service for any kind of electrical problem.

Electrical Issues We Fix

Our company has more than 20 years of experience resolving electrical emergencies. Our employees carry specialized equipment to address the most complex of issues. They can address any kind of electrical emergency, including:

  • Electrical storm damage
  • Mains damage
  • Meter box repair and replacement
  • Pole repair and replacement
  • RCD tripping
  • Switchboard fires and repairs
  • Underground cable faults

Plus, if you have a power outage at your place of business, your employees and customers shouldn’t have to stay in the dark. We can provide a generator, along with the supply and connections.

The longer you leave an electrical problem unaddressed, the more dangerous the problem can become. The minute you notice an electrical issue at your business, call Holdens Electrical Contracting for help from an emergency electrician in Perth.

Call Us Anytime, Day or Night

You can count on our emergency electrician in Perth to arrive straight away to quickly repair your electrical issues. Although we work quickly, we don’t compromise on safety and quality. Our experienced employees receive regular training so they’re able to repair the most complex electrical issues. We also perform quality assurance checks on all our work.

We’ve performed emergency electrical work for businesses, hospitals, shopping centres, schools and many other locations. Whether it’s 5 o’clock in the morning or 11 o’clock at night, you can rely on our electricians to repair your emergency electrical problems. Call us today for immediate help with your electrical emergency.

Here at Holdens Electrical Contracting, we understand that electrical faults don’t just occur during working hours. What’s more, when you’re experiencing an electrical issue, you want it fixed straight away. That is why we offer a dependable 24/7 emergency call-out service – so a solution is only a phone call away.

We can sort any after-hours electrical issue including:

  • RCD tripping
  • Mains damages
  • Switchboard fires
  • Pole replacement and repair
  • Meter box replacement and repair
  • Switchboard repairs
  • Underground cable faults
  • Electrical storm damage

For extended power outages, Holdens Electrical Contracting can provide:

  • Generator supply
  • Generator hire
  • Generator connections
Holdens Electrical Contracting provides competitively priced generator hire for a wide range of applications.