Vacuum Excavation in Perth – Mechanical & Hydro

Non-destructive digging is an extremely useful skill that can be used to expose underground infrastructure without causing unnecessary damage or other problems. It uses a combination of vacuum excavation and high pressure water to break up tough soils, allowing the excavation process to move forward fast and efficiently.

Here at Holdens Electrical we’re about more than just electricity. We also specialise in vacuum excavation in Perth and the surrounding suburbs. Our machinery is top of the range, and every single one of our operators is trained in vacuum excavation best practices to make sure that the job goes smoothly and to plan.

How Does Vacuum Excavation Work?

Basically, vacuum excavation uses high pressure water to break up tough soils, which are then collected with a tough vacuum pump. This makes sure that mess is kept to a minimum and that sensitive underground infrastructure is kept safe. The exact process for vacuum excavation includes:

  1. First, high pressure water at approximately 4000 psi is used to break down tough soils into a slurry.
  2. This slurry is then removed into a holding tank – usually located on the back of a vacuum excavation truck or trailer – where it is stored until it can be returned to the ground.
  3. Work can then be completed on underground infrastructure fast and easily without having to worry about causing further damage.

Why Use Vacuum Excavation?

In the past people would simply dig where they thought a piece of underground infrastructure was – such as a cable, pipe, or gas main – and hope that they didn’t cause too much damage to it. However, the invention of vacuum excavation, combined with underground location, allows pipes and cables to be quickly and easily located and exposed.

The fact that vacuum excavation is non destructive is a major plus, especially when it comes to working with live electricity. Underground cabling can be exposed and worked on without too much risk, especially when a trained operator is used.

Here at Holdens Electrical every single one of our vacuum excavation operators is highly trained and able to complete whatever jobs come their way. When you work with us you can rest easy with the knowledge that things will be done right the first time.

What Sort Of Things Are Vacuum Excavation Used For?

A few of the most common things that vacuum excavation are used for include:

  • Exposing underground cabling and pipes.
  • Digging post-holes in built-up areas.
  • Digging trenches near other underground infrastructure.

These are just a few of the things we regularly use vacuum excavation for. Really, if you can imagine it, we can probably do it!

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